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Goal of Qualifying for Boston Marathon is a Reality!

Elisabeth accomplished her goal of qualifying for Boston this morning! That is a lot of people’s goals, but not many stick with it. Her consistency and work ethic has been unmatched during this last training block. Before the race even started we chatted about how proud we were of the past few months and this race was just the icing on the cake.

Elisabeth and I would have our normal phone calls and she would challenge me in a positive way. Wanting to know the “WHY” for all of the workouts. It was a great experience for me and as a coach I was able to play a small part in something so amazing.

This is the first marathon where her children were at the finish line and what a great experience for the entire family. I wasn’t able to attend but I was able to get updates throughout her race. I will say Liz lives up to the Land Sharks core values. She has GRIT, she is very CONSISTENT , she is apart of this amazing #finsup COMMUNITY and lastly, she trusted the GUIDANCE that was given to her. Thank you Liz for trusting the process. It is awesome to see hard work pay off!

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