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Shiver Stories

/ˈSHivər Stôrēs/: A school of sharks sharing


Elizabeth T.

Being a mom of three, while working a demanding full time job, makes marathon training hard at times. Lucas understands this and tailored my training plan to accommodate my life, while challenging me in a whole new way. He included workouts that I had never tried before and would have lacked the confidence to pick on my own. His belief in me and my ability to run fast, inspired confidence in me to set audacious goals. I have been chasing a BQ for 4 years and after only training with Lucas for 4 months, I achieved my goal by running a 22 minute PR and qualifying for the Boston Marathon!

Johnny “La Maquina “ Rodriguez

I started my running journey back in 2015. I’ve done numerous Spartan Races from Sprints , Supers, Beasts, Ultra Beast, and Trail races. I started out doing my own thing and just running fast without any coaching. Around 2018 I trained with a trail running program in Sacramento/Auburn. But then in 2019 I found Lucas on Instagram and did a local Saturday run. Fast forward to 2022 I reunited with Lucas and started with the Wednesday morning workouts.. I was still running fast with no direction, then I picked up Lucas as a coach, and he has improved my stride, time, and running endurance. I highly recommend Lucas as a coach , he has tremendous knowledge and always listens to your needs.. you just have to trust the process.

Johnny “La Maquina “ Rodriguez Running Review.jpg

Calista Morita

It was Lucas’s passion for running that inspired me to start. I joined his weekly group runs and his Wednesday track workouts. When he would share his knowledge, I learned that there is more to running than just running. After training with the Land Sharks I ran my first half, which then led to attempting a full marathon. This is where having a coach became a necessity. Lucas is not only knowledgeable in running, but he is also Crossfit Certified. This means he understands all of the aspects of running, racing, and training; in addition, a profound knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, body mechanics, strength training, endurance, and the list goes on. Trusting my coach and training plan allowed me to fully commit to the training process. I was confident I was doing the right thing to get me to my goal. All I had to do was show up and train hard. On days that motivation was low, I pushed even harder because I knew my coach was going to hold me accountable. Having a customized training plan based on my personal abilities, schedule, and goals made success that much easier. Guidance on pacing, race strategies, nutrition, new perspectives, are all part of the benefit of having a coach. It helps to have someone in your corner, pushing you to be your best. So if you're on your running journey, this is the place to go for guidance. Fins-up!


Dawson Hayre

I started working with Lucas last December, and over the last year I’ve seen significant improvements in my running, taking over twenty minutes off my half marathon PB. Accountability, community, becoming a smarter runner, learning to run hard when needed—and more importantly—running slow when needed, are just a few of the many benefits gained from having Lucas as a coach.

Dawson H. Running Training Coaching Testimony.jpg
Jenifer R. Running Training Coaching Testimony Tall.jpg

Jenifer R.

After I was sick with Covid earlier this summer, Lucas helped me systematically build back up my strength and speed in order to race cross country on the PA circuit and have fun at some local races here in Lodi. We started slow and built up to speed. I am having a blast out there! Lucas is relentlessly optimistic and supportive. Thanks for all of your help.

Jamie Weisz

I’ve been running with the Land Sharks since mid-March ‘22. My sole reason behind doing so was strictly to integrate some cardio into my regular weekly workout schedule. I don’t love running or waking up early or being cold but I love challenging myself, being outside and I love being surrounded by like-minded individuals. I’ve been pretty disciplined most of my life so when I have a goal in place, it’s pretty hard for me to quit.


Lucas is incredibly knowledgeable in technique and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running and fitness in general. I have not trained with him personally, yet, but have learned to love running again and for that I am extremely grateful. I have also gotten faster by incorporating speed work which I had never done before. I didn’t really consider that to be a “thing”. I always thought the more you run and the longer distances you run, the faster you get. Lucas stresses that this not the secret to running and that it’s actually easier than that! Although I’ve come a long way with my running since starting with the Land Sharks, I think I’ve come further mentally.  Seeing others out there time after time is reinforcement that this works. Getting up early sucks, but it sucks a lot less with friends.

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 7.41_edited.jpg

Derrick C.

Lucas has an understanding of life’s demands and stressors outside of training that impact day to day life. He is able to take his deep knowledge of endurance training and apply it in a simple way and around all the other commitments in my life, being a dad and working full time. With Lucas’s guidance, he put me on a path to achieve things I didn’t think possible. He will believe in you probably before you do. I highly recommend Lucas to anyone serious about improving not only their results, enjoying the  processes and always having someone in their corner.

Amanda T.

I joined Land sharks running Co. at the end of May. In the beginning I struggled to run a mile. Lucas took the guesswork out of it. Before joining, I was selecting my own workouts and not getting anywhere with it. I had no idea where to even start with running. I would just jog until I was tired and would quit. When I started Lucas told me exactly how long to run and how long to walk in order to get faster. My goal was just too be able to keep up with my kids and he encouraged me to do a race. It took a few months, but I finally did one this last weekend and I was able to jog almost 6 miles without stopping. I can see why he encouraged me to run a race now, it made me want to do more and better my time for the next one. Continuing to workout is a mental game, it continues to get harder when you’re on your own. When you have someone in your corner encouraging and cheering you on, helping you get through a rut when you do not want to do it anymore makes all the difference. This is the longest I have stuck to any program and the most consistent I have ever been in any type of workout and I have Lucas to thank. I love the Wednesday morning runs and love the community feel. I saw so many fins up during my last race and it gave me just enough energy to finish. Being a mom, fitting in a workout can be challenging, this program is flexible with my schedule and that has helped me to stick with it even on vacations, which I can say that has never happened before. I love being apart of this program and being a land shark!


Brett M.

For me, running was always something I could tolerate, but never fully enjoy. So after high school p.e., I didn’t run for 20 years. When I started back up during the shut downs of 2020 I quickly reaped the benefits of it. However, by 2021 I was burnt out. I was always hurting. I had peaked. For that past year I was running with no direction. Go as fast as possible for as long as possible as many days in a row as possible.


My times were so inconsistent. Knowing Lucas from CrossFit and seeing his stats on Strava made me think there was more to it. Some days I would see him posting these mind boggling speeds, but mostly he was posting slower speeds. Got me thinking “why is this guy running so darn slow when he can run 5-minute miles?” After observing his run coaching from afar and knowing how great of a CrossFit coach he is, I reached out. Three months in, the plans he lays out for me weekly are top notch. I’m running farther than I ever have and at a higher volume. I even hit a PR on my mile the first time I tested it. Best part is, I’m not feeling burned out, am learning to enjoy the time cross-crossing town, and I feel much stronger when I’m climbing in the mountains which is always my ultimate goal!

Brittany W.

I’ve been a runner for 11 years.  It started out as a hobby for me, quickly becoming my outlet for stress and a way to just have some “me” time.  Finding the Landsharks opened up the opportunity for a larger community and accountability, it’s not easy finding people who run for “fun”.  I’m constantly reminded to optimize whatever season I’m in physically.  Need to rest? Do it well.  Need to go slow?  Walk your distance.  You have a goal in mind? Let’s do it.  I’m never anywhere that someone else hasn’t been, that for me is enough in itself to keep moving.

be fit davis runs lodi-96_edited_edited.jpg

Bethany D.

Coach Lucas is an incredible running coach and leader of the Land Sharks running community. I have been a member of the Land Sharks for over a year now, and I have seen firsthand the dedication and passion that Coach Lucas brings to his work. Not only is Coach Lucas knowledgeable and skilled in all things running, but he is also a compassionate and supportive coach. He takes the time to get to know each of his runners and tailor his coaching to their individual needs and goals. He is always available to answer questions and offer guidance, and he truly cares about the well-being and success of his athletes.

In addition to his excellent coaching, Coach Lucas has created a truly special community with the Land Sharks.


The group is incredibly welcoming and supportive, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of it. I have made some amazing friends and had some unforgettable experiences through the Land Sharks, and I am grateful to Coach Lucas for bringing us all together. Overall, I cannot recommend Coach Lucas and the Land Sharks enough. If you are looking to improve your running and be a part of a supportive and inspiring community, look no further!


Heather M.

I recently suffered an injury that put me out for 4 weeks at which point I needed a personal trainer. It made perfect sense to sign up with Lucas. For the past 4 weeks I have been able to work out while trusting I would not further injure myself. I have learned a ton of new movements and exercises on equipment I’ve never seen before, each time becoming more confident with it all.  I have been guided to work muscles I never knew existed and I feel stronger than I ever have. Lucas is patient, extremely knowledgeable, thorough, encouraging and passionate about fitness and health, all the things you would want in a coach. As a mom it’s hard to find time to put yourself first, but I leave each session proud of doing so and wanting to come back for more. I look forward to signing up for the small group sessions and supporting Lucas and Kiera in their new gym.

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