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Operation Fins Up is LIVE

Over the years, “Fins Up” has been our way to communicate “hey, we have your back”.  So it was a no-brainer to call our non-profit “Operation Fins Up” and let our community know that we have your back!

Our mission is to improve our community by promoting and educating people on the 4 pillars of health. We believe these 4 pillars of health are: physical health, mental health, financial health and spiritual health.  We believe improvement in these 4 areas can drastically improve a person’s well-being, and we are living proof of that. 


Current Programs

The Jr. Land Sharks program is one way we can reach out to the youth in our community and get these kids moving and direct their efforts to achieve a personal best.  

A new and exciting program will be basic budgeting workshops to focus on the pillar of financial health. Email for more information.


At the end of the day, if you have nothing else to give…give a FINS UP.


Operation Fins Up is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with tax ID 93-3107612.

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