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Let's Dive In!

This all started when I was training for a race and wanted people to run with. I wanted a community where we could share knowledge and support each other. The lessons I have learned and the people I have met over the past twelve years have taught me so much. All this lead to a movement where like-minded people can help each other and share knowledge.

The Future is Bright!

We are growing into a brick and mortar location that embodies our mission statement: CONSISTENCY. COMMUNITY. GUIDANCE. GRIT.  We look forward to having an expansive online presence but my ultimate dream is to make my community a better, healthier place. If I can do that across the globe, Land Sharks Running Co.'s mission will be complete.


Runners are a great group of people that love to help. I want to continue that tradition, and at the same time also make a living to support my family. Deep down I know I am meant to be a coach. I have zero doubt in my mind that God put me on this earth to help others see their true potential through running, health, sleep, and mind. I am here to motivate and show people that anything is possible. It isn’t easy but all it takes is a plan and consistency.


Running Roots

When I was younger, I was told I would never be a runner. As a football player, I wanted to learn how to run faster. At the time, I was an offensive linemen and was told I didn't need to learn to run. Since that moment, I strived to prove them wrong. I lost 60 pounds, joined my junior college track team, and ran the 1500 and 800. After junior college I began running in triathlons and started working on all three disciplines. I discovered I that I could compete and simply loved learning new things about the sport. Soon after, I earned my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. I then went into the fire service and worked up and down the state of California ,and eventually held my dream job for the Lodi Fire Department. While there, I still wanted something more. I began reading books by Jack Daniels, Matt Fitzgerald, Ben Bergeron, Alex Hutchinson, Brad Hudson, Timothy Galley, Steve Magness, and Ryan Hall. I was listening to a podcast with Ryan Hall and from that the fire was born to become a marathoner and running coach. Running alongside Ryan while asking questions about his book might be a highlight of my running career. Also running on Lake Mary Road in Flagstaff, hitting 2 mile repeats like the pros, was something I will never forget.

From that day on, I've pursued coaching and letting people like me go ahead and know that you are a runner. Running is for everyone and I can help you realize that. We can make you a faster, more efficient runner. I have learned so much over the past 12 years and look forward to working with you as you pursue your own goals and dreams.  

It is hard to sell "simple", but I promise you it isn’t as complicated as we all make it. Slow down, be consistent, and I promise you I will get you to a starting line, executing the plan we set forth and practiced hundreds of times. Let's get after it! #FiNSUP 


"It's not my job to give you a goal, it is to help guide you to achieve that goal; whether it is walking your first mile or qualifying for Boston. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, it is my job to make sure we do everything in our power to get you there. I will never tell you, 'you can't be a runner.'"

Lucas Garrett, Owner / Trainer

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