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What's up with the Fins Up?

Why all the Fins up?

How it all started... I started the Land Sharks Running Co in order to trick people to run with me. I was training for a marathon and wanted to meet other like minded individuals. So I hit the socials and soon realized there were a lot more people like me in the area. The Land Sharks Running Co started picking up steam and now I am all in on the Sharks. We meet Wednesday mornings and Sundays to get our runs in. We even have a few Fins Up elite that run almost every morning at five a.m. The Land Sharks Running Co doesn't have to be just here in my town, they can be everywhere. Bring the sharks to your town and join the movement. The core values of the Land Sharks are Consistency, Community, Guidance and Grit. As long as you have those 4 things you are a shark.

So where does the Fins Up come into play?

During our group runs we would run past each other and throw the Fins Up. When you are running and someone honks and you have zero clue who it is, but then you see the Fins Up and you know they are just giving you an air high five of support. We didn't think much of it, but it let each other know we were a part of something, something bigger than ourselves. It didn't dawn on me until I was in the middle of my race with about 20 other Land Sharks. Everyone was throwing Fins Up during the race: athletes, spectators, announcers and even the race directors. Then we started getting on the Podiums because we would show up in Shivers of Sharks and wreck the age group spots and sometimes the over all spots.

Pictures of some OG Sharks at one of our first group runs in 2019! Maybe the first documented Fins up in the wild.

Here are two Sharks throwing the Fins up after a successful race out in the vineyards of Lodi, Ca.

The Land Sharks Running Co represents everyone. We all have our core values in common. We try our best to be consistent. We value community. We are the guiding light. We have unlimited amount of grit. We are the every day runners, walkers, competitive joggers and even the elites. We hit every aspect of the running community and relate on every level. We are husbands, wives, doctors, lawyers, moms, dads, business owners, accountants, firefighters, police officers, store clerks, students, athletes, brothers, sisters, tattoo artists, laborers, stay at home parents, and everything in-between. We are hard working individuals that belong to an awesome community of go-getters and positive people. If you feel like you can relate, join us in this movement.

Here is what we want from you. We want you to go on runs, throw a Fins Up and get after it. We are the ones that prioritize movement. We wake up early (sometimes), we support each other, we high five each other, and we have each other's back. When you drive by that runner getting after it, make sure to honk and give them that Fins UP. When you are running your next race throw a Fins Up as you cross the finish line. Give someone that little extra motivation with a sign that reminds them they are apart of something special. Keep grinding and get after it.

If you take a picture at your next run with a Fins Up tag the Land Sharks Running Co and we will repost it. Join the movement! Fins Up and have a great day!

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