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Find a straight away and try to increase speed with each stride you do. They connect your brain to your body. They make you fast and durable. I like to picture a photographer taking my picture at peak speed.  

How to Run Strides (short accelerations) >



Do these or a form of these that you like and will help you get your turnover ready. These are programed before workouts to prime the body. 

Running drills with Olympian Philipp Pflieger >


Running slow to run fast

The why and how. This videos dives deep, But all great info.

How Easy Should An Easy Run Be? | Running Slow To Run Fast! >



Look up Calstrength core routine on youtube. It is a nine minute video that hits the core. It would be awesome to hit this 2-3x week. The first few times you will have to take breaks but after time it will get a little easier. 

9 Minute Guided Core Workout ⏰ >

Strength 2x week 


Banded glute Activation 2x 20 Left and 20 Right 

Glute Activation Tips >


Monster Walks 20 Forward and 20 Backwards

Mini Band Monster Walk-Forward >


Single leg no weight RDL add weight after the first few weeks.

3x8 per leg 

Dumbbell Single Leg RDL >



3x10 each side. Try reverse Lunges if you have knee pain. Also you can grab onto something to help you balance!

Knee Pain with Lunges (HERE’S YOUR SOLUTION!) >

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